10 Resources to Learn Foreign Languages Online

10 Resources to Learn Foreign Languages Online | 2022

Here are ten great language learning websites. None of them are free, but most of them offer you a free trial. The list is in no particular order because each website teaches a different language. There is even a website that is built on teaching English if your first language is not English.

1 – Verbal Planet

With this website, you can learn quite a few languages. You can pick your language, your teacher, and even your resources and learning tools. They also have a free trial for if you want to test the service first.

2 – Japanese Pod 101

This website offers Japanese lessons in the form of short videos and short audio lessons. They are of a very high quality, and the fact they are very short (approx 4 to 10 minutes) makes it easier for a busy person. You can pop on a quick lesson between your breaks or when you have a few minutes to yourself. They are good when it comes to reminding you to learn a little bit each day.

3 – Radio Lingua Network

This is a tool that is built on teaching you how to speak a language by using your iPad or iPhone. Their selling point is that you are able to learn a language no matter where you are. The idea seems like a gimmick, but it is not a terrible idea since learning a language is easier if you are exposed to it throughout the day instead of in single chunks through the week.

4 – The Open University

As you may imagine, this company and website has some great resources to teach you another language on a very professional level. There are also real qualifications you can earn through their website and company as they are accredited and able to offer real qualifications to distance learners.

 5 – Memrise

This is a website that offers free introduction lessons to different languages. It offers you lessons based on their special learning techniques. They help you to memorize words within their courses. You can get as many as three hours of training for free if you sign up for an account.

6 – Mi Vida Loca

This consists of twenty-two episodes, which are ten minutes long and they teach you Spanish. They allow you to go through the course at your own pace and check back if you feel you need to refresh your memory. The course is free and there is a learning section that goes with each episode to help you learn a little more.

7 – Learn with YouTube

It is unfair to rule out YouTube when it comes to learning a language. You can explore YouTube yourself and find some rather good tutorial videos. The link attached will take you to a blog that has compiled a few YouTube videos into collections so you do not have to search them out if you do not want.

8 – italki

This is a website that allows you to search out a teacher and have a personal language lesson from them. You do have to pay, but that is expected since you are supposed to receive the attention of a real person. The website has videos showing you how the system works. You do need Skype and you have to schedule your lessons because there are rarely people online as you surf the website.

9 – Forvo

One cannot be sure if their claims are exaggerated, but they claim to have a massive amount of words on their index. They pronounce the words that you enter in or choose from their list. They have pronunciations from 318 languages, and have 2,396,032 words on file. As a learning tool, you can use it to find out what a word actually sounds like when it is spoken aloud. It may also help you translate what you heard from another person. That person may have said a word that you think you know, so you type it in and if it sounds the same then you may figure that it is the word the other person spoke.

10 – Yapper

Learn a language in one of their classrooms, watch videos and work on your pronunciation. They have tools to help you learn and translate. They have members from around the world and are fantastic when it comes to teaching you English. You can use what they teach to learn other languages too, especially when it comes to translating back and forth.

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