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Isn’t It Time You Considered Using a Typing Tutor?

Whether you realize it or not, over the past twenty years our society has undergone a complete transformation: our nation has become “computerized”.  Americans, on average, are spending more time in front the computer today than they ever have and the statistics indicate that this trend will only increase as we head forward. Laptops are the new notebook. Computers are now the device of choice for students taking exams at College and Graduate Schools. Once you have finished school you will be hard pressed to find a job that doesn’t require you work on a computer for hours each day.

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All this brings into focus the importance of your typing skills. As more and more work is being done on the computer, employers are beginning to learn that a faster typist generally means a more productive worker. All things being equal, in a competition for employment, the faster typist will always get the job.

The reason for this is simple: quite often employers are paying their workers by the hour.  The faster typist can get two memos out in the time it might take you to do one. In the long run, slight differences in typing skills can make a huge difference to an employer’s bottom line. The important lesson from all this is that you can no longer afford to be a poor typist. That is why if you are still doing “hunt and peck” typing, it’s time to take a serious look at what you can do to improve your skills.

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Even if you touch type, but you need to look down at the keys to avoid making mistakes, you are placing yourself at a distinct disadvantage to your competition when it comes to your future job search.  The need to look down at the keyboard may not seem like much to you, but experts point out that looking down at the keys breaks up the flow of thought you are trying to express. This causes you to stop, rethink what you are doing and start again.

Though you may not realize it, in the long run, this need to look down at the keys is costing you (and will cost your future employer) hours and hours of productivity.

All of the above points to the need to have an effective typing tutor. While a computerized typing tutor is one size fits all, a human typing tutor can find out immediately what are the specific problems that are keeping you from reaching your ideal typing speed. Within a few short sessions of typing tutoring you’ll improve faster than you ever thought possible, making your path to the ideal job that much easier.

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