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Successful Tutor Testimonials from TutorMatch.com

Occasionally we get emails from both students and tutors who have had a good experience working with our tutoring referral website, TutorMatch.com.  Since I’ve taken a short break from blogging over the holiday I thought now we would be a good time to get back into it by relating some of these positive testimonials:

Alicia G, an english and reading tutor from Canada, writes: “Hello.  I want to thank you for receiving my first client from you. Please keep the students coming!”

Susan K, a French and Spanish tutor from Schenectadysays, “I tutored a student through your company and it worked out very well. Thank you!”

And John Z, a multi-subject tutor and the Founder of Westside Tutoring in Lakewood, Ohio, has written us several times.  “Excellent response! Thank you for the referrals. Good quality referrals unlike some other tutor referral websites, you actually send people in need of assistance. Well done TutorMatch!”

“Once again, I would like to thank you for an excellent referral. I have a client for the next two weeks at a decent wage and the promise of more work and mentoring down the road, soon. Very nice. By far, your website has returned the best results.”

” Once again, TutorMatch.com has proven to be the best of the tutor referral sites I subscribe to. Not only have you sent quality leads but they have resulted in ongoing relationships that have paid many times the fee to join. Once again, well done and thanks!”

Those are just a few of our most recent testimonials … please keep them coming, and I’d be happy to feature them here!

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