Social Media and Education: The Future of Scholastic Interaction?

girl reading laptop on bed

Imagine a classroom where students “like” a Facebook group dedicated to microbiology, live-tweet their laboratory discoveries, post a step-by-step instruction video of their research project on YouTube and publish their results on a school blog. When it comes to meshing social media and education, the possibilities are endless.

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Report: National Center For Public Policy And Higher Education

Measuring Up

States are making little or no progress in providing affordable college opportunities or improving college completion rates for their residents, says a report released today by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. The findings come as states face massive budget shortfalls that threaten higher-education funding, and the U.S. continues to lag behind other advanced nations on measures of higher-education performance.

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Generation Y and Math Anxiety

math anxiety

Math Anxiety is a term coined by psychologists and refers to the fear of math that gets instilled in students at a very young age. This holds true for students that are public, private or homeschooled. For most of these students, this fear only increases with time and age and they dread math as they move to highschool and college level avoiding the subject as much as possible.

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