For Teachers; Check out TeachAde and NEA Member Benefits

For Teachers; Check out TeachAde and NEA Member Benefits

Teachade just announced today that they’ve partnered with NEA Member Benefits (NEA MB) to provide you with information for your life in, as well as out of, the classroom. Open to all TeachAde members, these Groups, blogs and special resources will help you with Professional Development, Money Management, Health and Wellness and more

TeachAde currently offers four TeachAde/NEA MB Groups:

21st Century Skills
Do you have a focused 21st Century Skills curriculum? Is it vital for students to learn these skills in school? Our online community of teaching professionals debate whether schools should teach 21st century skills or stick to a core curriculum.

Budgeting Your Money
Recently we’ve all learned the importance of tracking where our money goes. Discover ways your peers have succeeded in budgeting their money. Coming soon … our exclusive Blog with NEA MB’s Certified Financial Advisor with regular updates on ways to save more of your hard-earned money.

Elementary Online Resources
Calling all elementary school teachers! Join this Group to share lessons and activities, as well as tips and tricks to get the most from your students.

National Board Certification
This community group is dedicated to helping teachers decide whether or not to pursue their National Board Certification, with resources on the merits of Certification as well as everything you need to know before you start the process.

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