For Teachers: The Benefits of Tutoring over Summer Break | 2022

For Teachers: The Benefits of Tutoring over Summer Break | 2022

Teaching can be one of the most gratifying career choices – if you’re a teacher, you probably get a thrill out of helping a struggling student understand a difficult concept in any subject.  But what do you do with your summer downtime? Many students need summer tutoring, either to fulfill requirements for the previous school year or to prepare for the upcoming fall semester.

There are tons of benefits for both teachers and students in tutoring arrangements.  As a teacher, you can keep sharp on your teaching techniques, try out new ones, and stay up-to-date in your subject area.  You might have found that after the summer break, you feel a little rusty in the classroom – summer tutoring can be a great way to stay current and avoid this.

Helping a student who finds a particular topic elusive can be an emotionally rewarding experience in itself; and tutoring also provides the opportunity to earn extra money to put towards your well-deserved vacation or further education costs.  Cash flow can be a problem during the summer months for teachers, so tutoring is a great way to ensure you can keep paying the bills – and you’ll gain valuable experience while doing it.

Tutoring provides you with the flexibility to determine your own schedule, the number of hours you wish to work, and where you work.  If you love to travel and are adventurous, teaching English as a second language in a foreign country can be a unique experience.  Or, stay at home and work with local kids to contribute to your community and prepare them for the upcoming fall semester (and enjoy the short commute!).  Working with parents as clients can also be a satisfying experience as you get to know more about the community and the kids you teach during the normal school year. 

Many students who receive tutoring in addition to regular class time during the school year build lasting relationships with their teachers and often credit them as having a hand in their future successes.

Working over the summer as a tutor has the added benefit of allowing you to deviate from your typical subject area:  maybe you teach English during the normal school year, but you have a hidden passion for math that you miss utilizing.  Tutoring at a basic level can give you the chance to exercise some of those neglected muscles.  Teachers are also in demand for adults and children for whom English is a second language. This chance to experience the variety and make an important difference in someone’s life can be greatly appealing.

To re-cap, teachers who tutor enjoy the following perks:

  • Increased cash flow/compensation for lost pay during summer months;
  • Rewarding relationships with students and parents;
  • Opportunity to set your own hours, work from home, work locally or even travel abroad;
  • Chance to try new things; keep your skills focused, and work in areas you might otherwise not have the chance to during the school year.

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