Online Tutoring: What are the Benefits

Online Tutoring: What are the Benefits

Education in general is of the utmost importance, and in our society today we put a tremendous pressure on children to achieve the benefits of a great education. Many parents say that of all the things they can provide to their children, education is the most valuable. It is the only thing that will never get robbed from them. Einstein said “Education is not received. It is achieved“, and needless it is also a very powerful tool. Through it we have better chance at succeeding in life, and studies show that those who have earned a degree have greater opportunities than those who did not.

It is our way of equipping young minds. Education serves as the cornerstone of democracy. Without educational institutions it is difficult to imagine a civilized world. We get to understand the complexities of life. In the early phase of education children start to get exposed to their environment. It is the stage when they are getting a grasp of the world around them. In the latter phase, they develop a sense of involvement evoking a feeling that they do not exist as a mere individuals but as a community who have a responsibility towards each other.

Education is not received. It is achieved.

With the advent of the Web, accessing information has become easier and faster. The internet enables the student to learn from the comfort of their home, and to take advantage of this, online tutorials have been introduced.

Online education is among the fastest-growing industries nowadays. This is recognized by governments and education agencies. The employment of technology to education is a breakthrough. It opened many opportunities both for the students and instructors. Online tutoring serves as a complementary program to the traditional way of providing education.

In our world today, when families seem to be spending so much time on daily routines lost in the day to day grind, it can help a lot to introduce your children to online tutorials. Many studies show that online tutoring has a lot of benefits.

Here are some of those benefits of online tutoring to your child and to you as parents:

  1. The child receives more learning hours because he can learn from home.
  2. It is advantageous to parents because they can spend less time doing the homework for their child.
  3. It is a highly interactive process because the child and the tutor can make use of the helpful tools found in the internet.
  4. Learning becomes easy and fun. A child can immediately go online and interact with his tutor when needs help for his assignment.
  5. It boosts self-confidence in the child. A child who has a dedicated online tutor will feel positive because he knows that his tutor dedicates his time for him alone and helps him in everything he needs to know.
  6. Studies show that online tutoring has significant and positive difference on the performance of the child. It has been observed that those children who underwent online tutoring on top of in-personal tutoring got higher test results.
  7. It is the best way to catch the child’s progress. A tutor can always make a follow-up on the lessons he taught to the child from his fingertips. With just few clicks and then he can start the teaching process.
  8. The child will be introduced to new learning tools that he can use.
  9. There are no downsides on online tutoring.
  10. Increase your child’s potential.

These are just few of the many benefits that online tutoring can provide to your child. Aside from the pursuit of making education more efficient and easier, it is also good to note that online tutoring has put the internet to good use. Instead of playing games, children can spend valuable time to be productive.

You have to take in mind that online tutoring is not a substitute to In-Person Tutoring. It is only an enhancement program. Your child must still receive in-person tutorial. Online tutoring is meant to keep the interaction between the child and the tutor continuous. It is not meant to substitute the personal experience that is when a teacher and students engage face to face. Online tutoring is meant to increase and strengthen the connection and not to destroy the very foundation of education.

This article is submitted by Amy Cowen, who is currently providing assignment help at Aussiewriter. Amy has a great experience of work with students – from improving their writing skills to giving career advice, always trying to stay up-to-date with modern eLearning tools and technologies.

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