Simple Math Tutoring Techniques for Homework

Simple Math Tutoring Techniques for Homework | 2022

Math can be a difficult concept for children to learn. Although it is difficult to teach – try using these methods to tutor math that will make the lessons effective and enable understanding throughout the entirety of the math concepts.

One of the main reasons that parents choose to enroll their children in math tutoring classes is the difficulty that comes with understanding complex problems and solutions. Many tutors develop unique methods of enabling understanding in children such as;

When tutoring math, it is crucial that the child learn the vocabulary associated with the methods, as this can provide understanding of the problems that are being asked. Even if the child is unable to recall the formula, the vocabulary associated with the problem can give insight to solving it.

Gauge and Listen

Gauge the level of the child and where their questions lie. Do this by asking open ended questions such as “Where do you think that we should start?” and “What are the steps to working out this problem?” Asking these questions will promote the child to think on their own and formulate the process required to solve the problem in their head. Not only will this help the tutor to gauge the level of the child and determine which concepts require review, it promotes the child to think about the concept at hand and become confident with the steps required to solve the problem.

Next, listen – Although this step may sound as if it is the easiest, listening is a talent that many tutors need to work on. Listening will allow the tutor to assess the communication and skill levels of the child they are tutoring. Listening is the only way, aside from witnessing the problems being solved to gauge the comprehension of the child.

Math is a complex subject to learn and should be approached with drawings and diagrams to promote understanding. In complex diagrams, have the child label points such as types of angles, sizes of angles and solutions to problems

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