TutorMatch Participates in EE Week 2009

TutorMatch Participates in EE Week 2009

A while ago TutorMatch registered to support National Environmental Education (EE) Week, and the date for EE Week to begin is now rapidly approaching!  From April 12-18, 2009 the National Environmental Education Foundation will host EE Week, which is the largest organized environmental education event in the United States. EE Week promotes understanding and protection of the natural world by creating a full week of environmentally-themed lessons and activities in K-12 classrooms, nature centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums.

So what is Environmental Education Week?

The goal of Environmental Education Week is to increase the number of environmental education hours that K-12th grade students receive in both formal and non-formal educational settings.  In 2008, over 1,850 schools and non-formal educational institutions across the country organized Environmental Education Week events.  Collectively these organizations served millions of students with environmentally-themed lessons and activities that positively impacted the environment and encouraged environmental stewardship among young people.

TutorMatch is proud to be a sponsor and partner of EE Week.  Why not help us out?  There’s a number of ways you can take action during EE Week:

Join with NEEF, EPA and other teens to do your part for climate change and children’s health.

Do you know a teacher who stands out among the rest? Someone who takes their passion for the environment and brings it into the classroom, inspiring students to learn and engage in environmental issues? Consider nominating the outstanding teacher for a Richard C. Bartlett Award.

Be part of the nation’s largest single day for improving and enhancing the public lands we enjoy through our National Public Lands Day home page.


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