TutorMatch Pledges Proceeds to Charitable Volunteer Tutors | 2022

TutorMatch Pledges Proceeds to Charitable Volunteer Tutors | 2022

TutorMatch (http://www.tutormatch.com), the leading online tutor referral service, announced today that 10% of all proceeds for the month of October will be donated to the Chicago-based Volunteer Tutoring organization, the Tutor Mentor Connection.

The Tutor Mentor Connection (http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/) describes their mission as dedicated to improving the availability and quality of comprehensive, long-term, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in high-poverty areas of the Chicago region and other large US cities through an ongoing, dynamic exchange of ideas.

“Our organization feels it’s time to give back to the Tutoring community, ” says Diane Palumbo, a press representative for TutorMatch.  “We’re in a helping industry – we connect tutors with parents and students who need additional education.  We can’t forget that there’s plenty of parents who need these services but simply can’t afford them.”

TutorMatch is an online tutor referral service.  Tutors can create a profile about their tutoring services on the website for free or get a premium listing for a small yearly subscription fee.  In turn, parents and students can search the database of thousands of online and local tutors for free.  Tutormatch protects their privacy and doesn’t even require them to register or sign up with the site.  Parents and students then interview potential tutors online and have their choice to meet with them one-on-one in their own neighborhood, or hire them for online tutoring services.

“For there to be tutoring/mentoring in poverty areas we don’t just need tutors, ” says Daniel Bassill, President of the Tutor Mentor Connection. “We need donors who help pay the rent and other costs of making a tutor/mentor program available.”

That’s where TutorMatch decided to step in.  “We’re a small online educational resource site, so we can’t compete with the international conglomerates commercially, ” says Palumbo.  “But we feel it’s just good corporate responsibility to provide support for the most important resource our country has to offer – children in need of education.”
TutorMatch Tutoring and Homework Help is an online tutor referral service which has been connecting students and tutors online since 1996.  Besides their primary online referral service, the company also offers the Homework Help Today blog for both students and tutors.


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