Website Review: Teacher’s Servant for Tutors and Teachers

Website Review: Teacher’s Servant for Tutors and Teachers

I recently came across a new website, called, which I thought might be useful to tutors.  It’s a time management solution for teachers and tutors which need to organize lesson plans, schedule tasks and reminders, and generally stay on top of any kind of schedule. 

It offers a basic free plan for less than 10 students or classes, and a premium service for under $10 monthly.  I emailed the owner, Dmitri, in order to ask him a few questions about this new service and see if any of our tutors can find it useful.

Q. Please tell our audience a little about what is all about:

Teacher’s Servant is a web-based service for self-employed teachers and tutors. The luxury of being your own boss requires the burden of wearing many hats.  Not only are you the tutor but also the accountant, scheduler, marketer, and sales representative.

Teacher’s servant steps right there and minimizes managing overhead of tutoring. Teacher’s Servant provides easy student, class, schedule, payment and expense management services. We offer a free plan, so teachers and tutors could start using Teacher’s Servant without any commitments and expenses right away.

Our integrated schedule gives an ability to have personalized schedule linked to student and classes. On top of the “typical” scheduling capabilities Teacher’s Servant helps keep track on attendance, payments and expenses. Teacher’s Servant also gently “reminds” with notes from the previous lessons and helps stay organized with integrated To-Dos.

Reach reporting functionality gives teachers and tutors instant outlook on any data that they might need – from simple invoice for a student to a complete “Income vs. Expense” report that would minimize tax preparation or just help analyze financial performance.

Q. When did you start, and why?

The idea of the service belongs to my wife Marina, who is a private music teacher. She was overwhelmed with papers, spreadsheets and calendars and was looking for a simple to use integrated solution to manage her teaching data.

After extensive marketing research we’ve discovered that this need is really unaddressed despite substantial interest from the tutoring and teaching community. So, we’ve decided to fill this niche and in August 2008 Teacher’s Servant was launch.

Q. Please tell us a little about yourself, and your background:

I have more than 15 years of experience in IT industry where I worked as a developer, architect and for the last 10 years as a project manager delivering customized solutions to my clients. Recently, I have established my own company – ZoomOnTime, Inc. The first product ZoomOnTime launched was a web-based timesheet solution for small and medium size businesses. ZoomOnTime also provides time management consulting.

Q. What kinds of service does offer for students and/or teachers?

Teacher’s Servant is oriented for teachers and tutors. We currently don’t provide direct services for students (however, they could receive automated lesson reminder from tutor’s calendar).

Q. How often do you update the site, and where do you get new content and ideas from?

Being relatively new service, we have new releases quite often (usually once or twice a month). Teacher’s Servant is customer oriented service, so majority of ideas are coming from our customers – teachers and tutors. We receive direct request/ideas from our users and also periodically reach out them soliciting feedback. Also we are actively working with local tutors and teachers in one-on-one and interest group set-ups to better understand their needs and challenges.

Q. Are you planning any new additions or features to the site?  What’s next for

We have a number of minor additional features in our pipe-line that are scheduled for roll-out in the next 4 months. Among them are email reminders for To-Dos, reminder integration with SMS, automatic student invoicing and a number of reports. For mid-term future we are considering to provide our users with personalized web-pages, student collaboration services and lesson plans integration. We a looking for our teachers and tutors to help us prioritize these additional features so we can deliver what is mostly needed first.


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